Perishable Freight Canada & World Wide

Rundle Logistics Inc handles all your perishable requirements, with a wide range of cold chain services. Whether you’re looking to export perishable goods, or simply store them in a temperature-controlled environment, we have this sorted.

With experience in moving live abalone and lobster into America, frozen fish; both human consumption and bait, and even Cherries around the globe, just to name a few, our perishables team can handle your requirements. A full range of services ensures the optimum conditions and proper compliance for perishables such as fruit, vegetables, and seafood across the supply chain.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • – Document preparation and customs formalities
  • – Chilled and frozen storage in our cold storage warehouse
  • – Security screening
  • – Approved Arrangement with Biosecurity

The geographical location of our warehouse benefits our working model as it is located on the Hobart airport with airside access, meaning we can lodge your important perishable airfreight directly from the rear of our facility. Combined with our Registered Establishment and on-site Authorised Officers Link can not only arrange the receiving, loading, screening, and export of horticulture and seafood produce, we also complete onsite inspections of horticulture products with our in-house Authorised Officers. A one stop shop for all your perishable needs.